Let Us Make You Look Good

What We Do

Market Research Analysis

  • 15+ years experience in qualitative analysis
  • Report creation, design, and finalization
  • Fortune 100 end-clients: tech, finance, retail

Presentation Design

  • High-gloss, professional deliverables
  • Experts in tech writing, infographics, data viz
  • Highly customizable for specific audiences

Video Production & Editing

  • Video montage creation for focus research
  • Product and usability demonstrations
  • Support for FocusVision

Graphic Design

  • Impactful and insightful visuals displays
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator expertise
  • Excel dashboarding and pivot tables

Copywriting & Editing

  • Marketing collateral development
  • Internal/external communication materials
  • Technical, consumer-level, academic fields

Corporate Training

  • 10+ years as university/graduate educator
  • Writing and communications training 
  • On-site and webinar delivery methods